Tiff says

101 things you need to know about me

Here is my 100 things about me - Not sure if I can get that far but we'll see.

1. I'm 33

2. I'll be 34 on the 16th of July

3. I have 2 kids

4. I'm unhappily married

5. He's oblivious

6. I have 2 brothers and 3 sisters

7. My youngest sister is 12

8. She's my dads daughter

9. I was his only child for 22 years

10. My oldest sister is homeless with 6 kids

11. My oldest brother is a dentist

12. My other sister lives in Hawaii

13. I was born and raised in San Diego

14. I also lived in New Mexico and Kansas for 6mo. each

15. That was hell

16. I attended 2 elementary schools, 3 middle schools, 2 high schools

17. That was hell.

18. I survived and it made the strong woman I am today

19. I have one best friend who knows every single dark secret

20. I know hers

21. I met her when I was 18

22. I love her

23. When I was 18 I was bitten on the nose by a German Shepard

24. I had to have plastic surgery. Can you say hamburger meat?

25. I sued them

26. I won $36K. A thousand dollars for every stitch I had

27. They filed bankruptcy

28. I never saw a dime

29. I have a big mouth - when I get to know you

30. I'm shy other wise

31. I'm only 5'2"

32. I love sex

33. I don't get much

34. My favorite movies are Forrest Gump, Stripes, All 80's movies

35. My favorite T.V. shows are anything forensic- I also love anything on A&E;

36. If I could do it all over again - I'd like to perform autopsies for a career

37. I'm fascinated with stuff like that

38. I love to read. Anything

39. I hate grocery shopping

40. I'd rather clean toilets

41. If I could I would have sex with Charlie Sheen (bad boy), Matthew McConahay I know it's not going to happen - a woman can dream can't she?

42. I have a cat Motley

43. A ferret Becca

44. a bird ( I hate birds)

45. When I was a kid I was the one who brought home the strays.

46. I've had at one time two cats, a dog, bunny, lizard, rats and mice

47. My mother didn't appreciate that

48. My mother is a manic depressive person

49. My dads an alcoholic

50. I think I'm normal

51. I never admit that I'm wrong

52. It's a weakness

53. I am almost always right

54. Kidding

55. I didn't get my driver's license until I was 21

56. I am completely stupid when it comes to driving directions

57. I love selling

58. I love to make people happy

59. Sometimes that's a detriment

60. I cry at commercials

61. I cry at movies

62. My daughter always checks on me to see if I'm crying during a movie

63. It's embarrassing

64. I can't help it

65. I love Sammy Hagar

66. I went to a concert 2 years ago and was on stage - He kissed me tongue and all

67. He was really sweaty

68. I'm an exhibitionist

69. When the kids aren't home I like walking around naked

70. No lie

71. My favorite color is black

72. I love the smell of rain on the pavement

73. I like men that have dark hair, tan and nice bodies (who doesn't right?)

74. I don't like blonds .except Matthew

75. If I were to turn lesbian (not that they turn or anything) I would want to be with Cathrine Zeta Jones.

76. She my dear friends is Hot

77. I would be a lesbian for her any day

78. I think I'm going to go to hell

79. I have a lot of skeletons in my closet.

80. a lot

81. too many

82. I'm trying to redeem myself

83. I'm studying to be Catholic

84. I've been a parishioner for 16 years

85. I was asked to be a God mother a month ago

86. I need a baptismal certificate

87. Because the Idiot priest will not let me be God mother any other way

88. I was never Baptised

89. I will be next Friday

90. I still think I'm going to hell though

91. I'm not a kid person

92. I love mine but that's it

93. I love Football & Boxing

94. I like baseball

95. I tolerate basketball

96. I absolutely hate Nascar

97. I'd rather watch golfing

98. I am reaching here...struggling

99. I don't exercise ever

100. I don't like to sweat

101. I'm a girly girl